Resin shaker keyrings - Pastel

Resin shaker keyrings - Pastel

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Pastel pink, purple and blue. Heart, moon and star shaped resin keyring shakers.

Be mesmerised by the floating sprinkles inside these keyrings. A mix of liquid helps the sprinkles float around. Watching these brings on a truly calming experience! 



All my items are made with epoxy resin and I dome the front and back of some items to ensure extra strength. However, these items are still fragile and not unbreakable, so please treat them with care as I do not take responsibility for any breakages.

All my products are handmade so please keep in mind that not every item will be 100% perfect. Minor flaws and micro bubbles are normal and to be expected. However, extra care is taken to remove each and every bubble to the best of my ability, resin pieces may come out with certain 'nicks', that look like little chips, around the rim due to these air bubbles. I cannot do anything about these as they are due to air bubbles which are caused by the natural setting process. I cannot refund on the basis of this.



If your item needs a clean, wash with a mild soap and water. Do not use any abrasives, your fingers or a soft sponge is fine. Pat dry with a soft paper towel or microfiber cloth.
Avoid dropping or throwing any items as resin may crack as a result of this

Please don’t hesitate to message me on instagram, Facebook or via email if you have any questions about any resin pieces.

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